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Yellow stone

Yellow stone was world first national park.
Yellowstone National Park was set up to protect geothermal areas. The Yellow Stone National Park have 50% of the world's active geysers
Park is 28,000 square miles big and world biggest nearly intact temperate-zone ecosystems on Earth.
It preserves a great variety of terrestrial, aquatic, and microbial life.
Natural processes operate in an ecological context that has been less subject to human alteration than most others throughout the nation—and throughout the world. This makes the park an invaluable natural reserve and reservoir of information.
The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem consists of 12-22 million acres of area and 18,750-28,000 square miles.
Park is spread in 3 states - Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.
It has two national parks, portions of five national forests, three national wildlife refuges, Bureau of Land management holdings and private and tribal lands.
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